Wim Hof’s breathing method.

There are so many sensational stories about Wim (Wilhelm) Hof…
What is real, what is not…?

I have tried out in my life, at least 20 different Breathing techniques for:

Boosting the immune system.
To let go traumas and negative emotions.
To go in previous lives.
To relax.
To go into hypnosis.
To awaken our spirituality…
To swim faster and for diving…

All of the breathing techniques are good! What breathing techniques are better and for what, I don’t know…

It looks so, that every Guru has created his/her own breathing techniques….

And I think we should use the breathing techniques that we love at most or that are fitting to us…

If we want to follow up Wim Hof to get healthy, then we should do it… Regardless what other people think. Don’t be fanatical! We never should disregard other health techniques because they are different!

I follow up the health techniques that have worked for at least 200years and have given the best results.

Because the strategies of the popular Health Gurus worked only partially…

Every Health Concept needs vegetarian nonacid food. This is unpopular, because people don’t like to stick to a healthy diet!! Without nonacid food the health concept is incomplete and will not work out in the long run.

All of the popular Health Gurus got very rich for their proclaimed health formula that will make everybody healthier! And this was never true!

I have tried out also the Wim Hof breathing technique, … This technique will not harm you; it will benefit you! I experienced, to get serenity and tingling all over the body. …

I remembered when our swimming teacher (previous trainer of the Olympic water polo silver winner team), trained with us, the very similar breathing technique from Wim Hof, 43 years ago… The difference is, we have done the breathing in and out only 8 times and in standing position… And then we had to dive 30 meters. It works!!!

Here the technique:
The best is, you do it in the morning on empty stomach 3 rounds or during the day. Don’t do the breathing technique in a swimming pool or when driving a vehicle.

You can lay down or sit. Wim recommend to lay down on your back on your bed…

Breathe deeply in, as much as you can; start with the belly, then the chest and head.

Directly breathe out, but let the air get out by itself… This means you should not squeeze out the air, nor should you breathe out all of the air…

You follow with your mind the breathing in and out… If there is tingling in one area you should breath more in that area.

You do the breathing in and out 30 to 40 times… up to you.

The last breath: You breath in and OUT. Stop breathing. Then you start your stopwatch … You try to reach in the first round 1 to 2 minutes retention of the air… Then you start with your first breathe in fully, hold for 10 seconds and squeeze the air to your head…

Next round the same, but you try to get a longer retention time…
The third round the same.

Your final goal is 2-3 minutes, without air, retention time.

First time, I made first round 1:52 seconds, third round 2:37seconds retention time, with 62 years…

I hope you do better!

My Video: Wim Hof’s breathing method. https://youtu.be/Z4y8l0eidVU
My Audio: https://console.aws.amazon.com/s3/object/rudizimmerer/6/Wim%20Hof’s%20breathing%20method..mp3?region=ap-southeast-1




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