What is the nature of our life…

We know so many things, how hell looks, heaven looks but we don’t know about life.

We have trillions of cells and what happens if we die…?
Still our cells are intact, so the hair is still growing for weeks…

But the body is dead?

Life is on different levels.
We have software like our thoughts, feelings, consciousness, soul,…
And the hardware is our body.

If we go deeper, even a cell has consciousness so that it can make its work, it has a memory so it can rebuild itself, it has genes that give the cells its purpose… Without that a cell can’t work accordingly.

So the software is bigger than the hardware… that is true also for a computer…

The cell is energized, what we call life force this is proved by Kirlian photography.

After the definition, death is when we stop breathing, or the heart stops beating…
And our life energy is leaving the body…

When an animal gets slaughtered, even after 2 hours still there are some muscle spasm.
This means the cells are still intact.

Life comes in stages and dead comes in stages.

We have different energies and different levels of energy…
If we pass by, then not all energies of the body leave the body…

This is the reason why the soul is sticking close to the dead body until all of the energy has left the body.

This can mean that the death needs up to 14 days. Some Religions (Buddhism) have created for that long ceremonies until all of the energy has left the body…

If we burn the body directly after the medical death, then the soul doesn’t need to stick to the body anymore, is so free. And the people can accept much faster that the person is dead … because the body is burned and all of the energies have left the body.

My Video:What is the nature of our life… https://youtu.be/JeDQg5M09Xk
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