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Wisdom from Judaism

I want to challenge you with a talk from a Rabbi-
We can learn also from Judaisms…

There is no love without vulnerability.

Vulnerability is the ultimate strength.

Perfection is a trap.

Something is missing in psychotherapy.
You will discover many needs that you are not aware of when you are probing your subconsciousness.

For instance: You are not aware of how jealous you on your brother.

1. We don’t need anything.
Because we don’t need to be born.
God needs us. God loves his creation otherwise he would not have created you.
We are not here for our own needs.
We are necessary for what God needs us.
You are responsible as part of God’s creation.
You are responsible to make the world goodly.

If you need something, you will suffer.
If you are needed that is joy.

And there exist always times when you are not needed or felt not to be loved…

Try to be important to people and give what they need.
There exist always people who are happy to help you because then they feel that they are needed by you. Ask for help.

If you love people, people will love you also, because everybody wants to be loved.

2. When you need something…
Ask for what God needs us.
God is not asking to give you up anything.

3. Whatever you do with your life, don’t think about what you need, think about what you’re needed for.

Frame it differently… If you need to do something for somebody else… Then you are needed.

For instance, I have to call my mother…
Wrong my mother needs me to call her.
Your wishes are my commands.

4. Be happy when you have the freedom of choice.

Don’t be unhappy that you don’t have the freedom to get the outcome that you have chosen.
Even if we try our best, if the circumstances or God don’t want we can’t get the outcome that we have chosen.

5. What is if My life is falling apart…?

What is the meaning?
What should I make out of it?
What God wants from us, when things are difficult?

6. When we have many needs.

What is God telling us?
You do need what I need from you and I do what you need from me.
Worry not about what you need to get.
Worry about what you should need to do.

7. Mostly we don’t have control over what happens to us and we don’t have any obligations and we don’t have freedom of choice.

8. So we can worry about things that we don’t have control over.

Or we can attend to things where we do have freedom of choice and where we can make a difference.
If we find ourselves needy, we should look where we do have the freedom of choice to serve God.

9. Anything that happens to our life can weaken us or ennoble us…

If there is a challenge for me that I can do, I will do it so that it ennobles me.

10. God communicates to us in suggestions and hints.

If we find ourselves in a certain place/circumstance, God likes to tell us something.
He gives us the tools, and direction, to do something.
If you have certain skills and talents… maybe God needs you there…
We take hints from divine Providence and we take lessons and wisdom from religious scriptures.

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