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How to achieve your most ambitious Goals?


Imagine what you are right now and what is the best version that you could be?
What is the gap between what you could be and what you are right now?
What is hell?
You meet the version you could be and you are very below that.
What is the cause?
The lack of courage to be 100% all of the time.
For instance:
At certain times I felt be triggered, abused…
Sometimes I feel that my response was influenced by a lack of courage.
I abandon my standards in order to please, and make people like me, and that is specific in relationships.
What I truly want to say or live, and not take action out of fear.
If I would continue to live that, my life would be hell, because it was hell at that moment.
I was suffering, I had pain, I had a ball of pain inside of me, and I felt anxious because I didn’t live in a full courageous way all the time.
Courageous thinking and action lead to what you are or what you want to get…
If you want to get that courage to do the best action, first you have to heal your inner wounds or traumas!
Otherwise, you never will get that peace of mind.
And without peace of mind, you can’t act effectively!
After healing your  traumas you get:
More peace in your intimate relationships.
You will be healthier.
And your business will be much better.
When I started to heal myself, I had this expansion of energy… abundance, peace, and freedom.
Because I went inside.
First, we have to do the inner work to change our attitudes, emotions, and mind.
I don’t believe if we would not heal our way of thinking and really heal the stress inside of ourselves that was causing us to have less…
We can’t be our best version.
Stop wasting energy that you can’t control.
Don’t try to please everyone.
Start more to say no to everyone.
Instead to say yes to everything that is more destructive.
Work more for yourself, work more alone.
So you create more energy and through this, you can build a better business.
Be 100% courageous, using your voice.
Instead to be shy, and the fear of judgment someone doesn’t like or love us hold us back.
You need clarification on what you want and your goals and exclude those that are not moving in your direction.
We have different drives inside of us that are contradicting our outcomes.
We want to be successful and we want that people think that we are smart…
Then we are in this evil circuit that we want to convince everybody because we feel insecure…
Instead to hear what other people say…
To be the best boss means that our creativity is to let other people be creative and to encourage them to be creative… The concept is from SAB SE or Gustaf Gründgens.
Our wounds/traumas can be a drive to accomplish our goals to look good, to be right, to be needed, to be smart…
But what cost us these drives?
Do they serve us?
When we are driven to succeed because we want people to like us/ accept us…
These wounds are driving us in the wrong direction.
Because this drive is from a wound so it is never fulfilling!
Still, we will feel we are not enough, good enough, smart enough…
Because we don’t belong to ourselves.
How can we belong to someone else?
We don’t love ourselves…
Winston Houston is the best example of that, so she got drug addicted.
If we are doing it from a wound or a lack of self-love, then the results are giving us no more love.
Maybe more results.
Until our wounds/traumas are healed, we can’t satisfy or love ourselves.
Instead to come from a place of clarity, love, and vision of meaning that inspires us.
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