Why the worldly life will never work out?

My Video: Why the worldly life will never work out?

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If we see the assumptions for a happy life from the perspective of a worldly person, we can easily see that it will never work out…


The problem is that we all have overtaken these wrong worldly concepts and still we live after them.

The worldly concepts are:

Get a good education.
A good job.
Marry your love one.
Get children.
Build a house.
Get your car.


Do you think even if we get the best from the world that we can gain lasting happiness through that? Nobody can buy love, health, and happiness.


All Parents suffer a lot through their children. The parents sacrifice much energy for their children, and when they are old the children are caring for their own children and can’t care for their parents!


There was a king in the Srimad Bhagavatam who got children, and his children had been bad kids. Never the less the king said wicked children are good children because I am not identified with them!


You get the most beautiful or wealthy, successful spouse and then this spouse is cheating you. Or after some time he or she bores you, or you can’t sleep with him/her anymore or get separated from you, or he is getting bankrupt, has an accident and can’t work anymore.


If we run after worldly pleasure, money, success, power, and women; our energy is exhausted, and we can’t care for our body. We are eating junk food, taking Western Medicine and don’t make body exercise; we hope everything will work out.


Do you know what the most expensive beds are? The deathbed and the sick bed! We can’t pay anybody to die for us or to be ill!


The Bible is saying you have to build your house on sand and now it is leaning to one side.


The solution:

We should live a healthy lifestyle and develop an independent happiness that will not be affected by mundane things.

And only then we are not a slave of the world or of our worldly desires. (Bible)

Religion should give us peace of the mind and bliss if we conduct Religion in the right way. And this right way is hardly taught in the traditional religions. We have to look for real masters (masters who are seeking the truth and doesn’t have the truth; improving each day) and not for these divine, holy, enlightenment Cheaters where the stupid mass are going!!! (see my Youtube, blog, podcast: There exist no Enlightenment!)


We choose to live our dreams and to gain faith in God.

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