You get what you deserve

Imagine you are angry, and you drive on a highway… Because you are angry you will attract again and again people who are driving their vehicle dangerous because they are also angry… If you don’t believe it, drive a car when you are angry…

Next scenery, you are angry, but you are not aware that you are angry… You have suppressed your anger, and you drive your car; you will again attract dangerous or provoking situations on the streets so you feel anger…
Actually, the anger was already inside of you. When you drove your car in dangerous situations, you couldn’t notice your suppressed anger…

Imagine, you are a positive thinker; you sail your yacht around the world… You encounter big challenges on the Red Sea as all the other sailors… Still; you manage them, and finally, you reach Australia, rent a car, and have a terrible car accident… You are for 3 months in the hospital… This has happened!

Do you think to feel your emotions, instead of suppressing your feelings with positive thinking; would it not be a better option?

You can’t attract good things if you have suppressed emotions inside of you. And even you don’t know that you have suppressed your feelings…

Still, you get what you deserve…

Running away from your feelings or taking drugs like a coward … is not a solution…
When I see the fathers drinking alcohol like crazy on the father day … Shows how ill is our society.

We can’t act always calm and somehow it should be that we attract challenges in our life… Even our negative feelings caused them…

Without big challenges, we can’t grow…

Still, we are responsible for all of our challenges and nobody else.

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