How to start with meditation 2?

If we have released our negative emotions/thoughts, meditation is much easier!
Why should we not do so? Ego trip?
Life should be fun and so meditation…

If we move our energy in the body upwards or downwards we will be superior in meditation!

Because we can:

1. ground our negativity,
2. gain bliss and stillness in the mind,
3. move the Kundalini upward,
4. control our sex,
5. and heal our body…

Our body has an electromagnetic field around itself… The energy field is mainly produced through our nerve system and through our cells. We need our energy to remain alive. The only energy that we can use for our spirituality is our energy from our first and second chakra. 33% of our body energy is sexual energy and located in our lowest chakra (first chakra, root chakra, sex chakra). Then 33% of our energy is in our second chakra(navel chakra, dan tien). We don’t need 33% of our energy for sex, so we use this energy for our spirituality.

We want to rise the energy from the lowest part of our body or first chakra (location vagina or behind the testicles is a cave and exact this place) to our heart chakra or further up to our crone chakra. And then we get bliss and calmness in our mind. If we want to calm down, we lead our energy from our head to our navel chakra or to the ground.

With body movements, we can become blissful.

If we do trance dancing, we fall into a trance (or call it meditation).
If we learn to dance from the pelvis area on upwards… similar are doing belly dancers… our sexual energy rises up to our heart chakra or further.
Because if we shake or move (similar to intercourses) our pelvis, our energy is going upward and we become blissfully.
For instance, if a female has intercourse with her loving darling… she rises unconsciously his and her energy upwards so that she gains bliss and love in her heart chakra.

In the Kundalini Meditation from Bhagwan/Osho are these elements integrated, so I describe it here.

The Kundalini Meditation is an excellent meditation for many, and it will work, even if we have had a day full of work, stress, and tension. This is best to do just before sunset.
The name Kundalini means indwelling energy in the lowest part of our body, and when awakened, this energy rises upwards and brings us many benefits.
Through the shaking and dancing of our body, we relax and activate energy in the lowest part of the body. We feel bliss if the energy is going upwards from our sex organs to our sternum through the dancing and shaking.
We watch our thoughts and feelings of our body. Our concentration point is the breath, how it streams in and out of our nose. The meditation is done with eyes closed. The music you can buy from iTunes (Kundalini meditation by Osho)

For the first five-ten minutes, we shake our body after a Tabla (drum) rhythm. We imagine we’re shaking out all our negativity.

In the next five-ten minutes, we dance full of passion to Indian music.

The next five-ten minutes are with music; we stand or sit straight with no body movement (if possible). We watch our feelings, thoughts, and feel of our body. Our concentration point is the breath, how it streams in and out of our nose.

The final five-ten minutes are without music; we sit straight or lay down (not sleep) on the back straight, with no body movement (if possible).

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