The fixation on the problem keeps us in the problem

The fixation on the problem keeps us in the problem.
And this is so true for mainly all chronicle disease including cancer, heart problems…. For instance, I had a small psoriasis spot on my face, tried out to heal it naturally; nothing worked out and then during my living here in Mexico in a hotel without mirrors…it got healed… Unless we don’t accept our problem or the symptoms of our disease, then we struggle…. The fear not to be able to solve our problem keeps us in the problem and even can kill us. Just to enjoy our life and to ignore what is concerning us, makes everything easier. After the research 25% to 30% of the cancer get healed by itself without any treatment…. This means to ignore the cancer is more successful for healing the cancer then the application with Chemotherapy… If we want to solve our problem, we have to go on a higher level or beyond of the problem (A. Einstein). Then we can see from the bird view unattached the problem and in many cases the solution is immediately there… Why not enjoying the life regardless what is happening? In any case we have a good time, so for what we have to repeatably think on the problem? For sure meditation will help us, to get unattached and happy. Here is the link for the Cancer:

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