Industrial processed food makes you fat and sick….

Industrial processed food makes you fat and sick….
And that is so true, for instance 120 years ago only 0.0028% of the US population had diabetes today it is over 25%… the same is true for cancer, and severe heart diseases…. When I was living 20 years ago in India, the Indian had been healthy and thin, today they are fat and sick… because of the industrial processed food.
Why ?

The refined fructose (white sugar or syrup) and other industrial processed ingredients like salt and fat makes you to overeat, because the program in your brain: “To stop eating when you have eaten enough, will not work anymore!” And exactly that is, what the Food processing industry want, they want to make you addicted to their food… For instance, in the ready made Tomato Source/Ketchup is much white sugar,… even worse cooked Tomato Sauce is very acid for the body and so bad for the body… For Tomato Sauce, just put tomatoes uncooked, unpeeled in a high speed blender with the other ingredients and eat them raw. For noodles, buy or make fresh noodles, the processed noodles are over 8 hours in the stomach…. For salt use sea salt (sea salt doesn’t increase the blood pressure).
There are no enzymes in processed food. The enzymes are the catalysts for the food and important for processes inside of your body. Without the enzymes you can’t process the vitamins and your body can’t defense efficiently against diseases like cancer, infection, inflammation…
Processed Food are typically High in Refined Carbohydrates, Low in Nutritions so that they are never an substitute for whole Healthy Food. Everyday our body is getting attacked from 13,000 cancer cells and billions of viruses and bacterias,… We need healthy food rich in nutritions….
Processed food is low in fiber and that cause problems for our stomach and bowels.
The processed oil, fat and white sugar are typical in all processed food; are inside of mainly all meals from the restaurants. These processed oil, fat, and white sugar can cause all severe diseases. And these processed food makes our body fat and sick. Get rid of them. For the oil and fat use cold pressed oil like coconut oil, Olive oil or butter. For white sugar use brown sugar or better honey.
In processed food are artificial ingredients, like preservatives, colors, flavors, texturants, that can cause sever disease like cancer ….

I eat exclusive raw food (and no grains) since 26 years, my body is total healthy and awesome in sport; 58 years, 1.91cm and 74kg.

More information in my book: Heal Yourself and Stay Healthy!
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