Rudi Zimmerer

For what is meditation?

Is it the fast fix?
Is it a method that makes you happy and forget your problems. Like a drug?

Meditation is for relaxing, connecting with the Divine, to find the true self and a a part or the path of enlightenment. God Shiva has created Meditation and all meditations are based on his book of Tantra. For Shiva was the sexual Tantra also a meditation, it is even the best meditation because it is the fastest path to connect you directly with God.
Meditation is not a fast fix for our problems. During meditation we can go on a higher state and so forget all of our problems, but we have to come back and then the problems didn’t had changed.
There was a man who would always get very upset and angry over something small. He even got to the point of being close to killing someone. His family and friends demanded for him to go to the mountains, Himalaya to meditate there. After twenty years, he became famous for his meditation techniques, and people endorsed him as a great Yogi/Saint. He then went to a religious festival where another man who was not aware that he was a great Guru stepped on his foot. Again, this saint became instantly angry and nearly killed the man.
And know comes the Glue… We can learn through Chi Gong, meditation to transform our feelings. The feelings are located mainly below our navel.
What happens if we push up our energy from our lowest part of our body to our heart/heart chakra?

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