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How to reset stress in 4 minutes?

With the Wim Hof method.

How to reset the stress hormones?
You don’t need to make a big effort.
You learn how to control stress hormones with this exercise.

Afterward, you feel good.

Stand up.
Just mind the body.
Feel your body, feet,…
You will breathe in and out deeply, and then you do push-ups.

Breathe deep in and out through the mouth and relax for at least 3 minutes. (Wim Hof did it for 3:20 minutes and me.) Don’t get dizzy.

Finally, you stop breathing after the last breath out.

You do push-ups with no air in the lungs for at least 40 seconds;
I made it to 50 seconds while doing it the first time…

This exercise is training the body and the brain…
And you learn to get your stress under your control.

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