How to start a good life?

We all have done many mistakes and I hope we have learned from them.

If we would start fresh with our lives what should we do?

1.) When we start to work or do anything.- Be humble and work your way up, instead to wait for your great chance. Maybe your great chance will never come … In the meantime, you could get experience, connection in the area where you like to be.

2.) Be flexible and adjust to that situation. We have to deal always with bad people, critical situations…. When we complain or want to change our environment for a better situation or better people we can’t.
We are always at the right place at the right time, to learn the right things.
Think this over! The grass is not greener in the neighbor garden.
Try to accept the situation and do your best!

3.) Adapt to a healthy lifestyle. Health is our greatest asset. I have learned that quite early when I was so ill with 21… Today I am living total healthy and are total fit with 60 years old. Try to compete with me!!!

4.) Try to challenge your mind every day. Don’t be lazy learn every day. First, it is fun second, it keeps us mentally healthy. When I made my Yacht license with 55, the examiner said, now starts the journey of learning… And she was right.

5.) Chose to be happy with the things that you already have. Otherwise, you will be never happy. And be thankful for everything.

6.) Learn to save money, instead to be indulged in overspending. Life will be much easier.

7.) Learn to serve and please the people. Ego trips will never pay out! Try to entertain all kind of people. If you do so your life will be much easier!

8.) We all fail. So more we fail so better we get. Don’t give up. A failure is a person who gives up and is afraid of failing. Learn to fail without to punish yourself or other people. Learn to enjoy your failing, Life will be wonderful.

9.) Try to improve your habits every day and learn good habits. And make this your whole life… If you do the wrong, then just adjust to the right. We can not be right all the time! We will never be perfect. We focus to do better every day and that is enough. Don’t punish yourself for your mistakes!! Next time you do better!

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