How to start the day?

In the morning many people rush and ruin so the whole day.

Exercise in the morning to relax and to build up strength, endurance…
And then do even more relaxing by meditating…

Instead to drink a coffee, drink clear water or fresh ginger-lemon water with honey. That will boost your immune system, and hydrate the body.
The kidneys need 24 hours to filter out the coffee particles… Why you want that your kidneys are suffering…? With the body exercise you will wake up… I start the morning with 10 minutes strong interval training… Jump out of the bed, make my ginger-lemon water and then the interval training…

Social media in the morning will discourage you to become better… No, don’t do so…

I massage my body, do Qigong and meditation.

And then I take a healthy breakfast… that is easy to digest and gives the body enzymes and vitamins …
Green smoothies… Get a blender, put your favorite fruits, bananas, green salad, and yogurt (no sugar) inside. I take coconut yogurt so that the body gets some pro-biotic…
Get it down… give your darling a kiss and go to work…

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