Life is a power struggle

Everybody, be it your sweet girlfriend, boyfriend, cat or dog want to control you…

We all want more power…

Even we like to live in a monastery peacefully there are always people who want to overpower us and to mislead us…

The only solution looks like to live alone and close the door of negative influence…

This is not working because we still need some help, food, shelter…

Somebody should take power and serve the people instead to exploit the people…

Then this power struggle would have a happy end.

My strategies to get rid of the power struggle and bring your power back are:
(All of my Strategies should be only applied when they are noncriminal, legitimate and ethical)

1.) Go out of this terrible situation… Better alone than together with somebody who wants to control you!

2.) Be like the “The Godfather” (Novel written by Mario Puzo).
When it gets seriously be cool.
The best fighters are always calm and fearless!!!
Say what you desire, regardless if the other guy doesn’t like that…
Don’t say anything more, don’t discuss …. (that makes you weak)
Don’t become personal.
And then act without mercy to get your power back…
This works because you didn’t disclosure your strategies to get what you want.

3.) Learn Judo
Be weak.
Wait that the other person is attacking you.
Use the power of the attacker and lead his/her power to bring him/her so to fall…

For instance:
Your parents abuse you.
You agree that you are the worst child…
You ask your parents why they have educated you to be the worst child.
Bad parents raising up bad children!!!
Because the kids adapt to the parent’s behavior and education.

4.) Learn Aikido…
Wait that the other person is attacking you.
Follow the other guy in every movement (you agree to everything)…
And then change the direction of his/her movement and get him down… (change the direction and overpower him/her)

For instance:
Your chief is attacking you that you have failed, that you are so bad…
You agree to everything (calm him down).
You tell him next time you will make it better (change the direction).
You tell him that you had the problems: That you misunderstood him (communication failure), that the resources were missing…

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