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Do you like become unstoppable?

My video: Do you like to become unstoppable?

Do you want to change your life and become unstoppable?

Do you want to  reach your goals?

Would you do everything to get your goals fulfilled?

Are you ready to change your life today?

Yes this possible

Normally if we are in the flow, or connected with the environment/the whole we attract the things that we need to gain our goals. If we have inside of us fears, blockages, traumas, resistance we REJECT, can’t see the solution, are blind, ignorant, can’t connect with things that we need in order to fulfill our desires. Then we are struggling….

Everybody has experienced how easy we can receive the things that we want, when everything is in line…. And this happens just through our attitude….then the whole universe is serving us.

And if we full of tension everything is running against us…. Then only through hard work and struggle we can get what we want….

What is if we want to change our life and like to become successful, very rich,….

Then inside of us is the resistance to change that means our subconscious doesn’t like to change his habitual programs, belief system…. And we have all kinds of fears to be confronted with a new world…. Again all the struggle that we receive to change our life are coming from inside and will manifest in our environment.

What are doing the high achiever?

The majority of High Achiever have a life coach in order to reach fast and efficient their goals without much struggle. Otherwise they would reach a plateau and then they would struggle like us and going slowly upward. The high achievers want a life that is exponential and they know that they have to change inside to reach a higher level. They are paying for their dreams and they don’t care for the price of their coaches. This is the reason why today coaches like Anthony Robins, or Hypnosis therapist Dr. Steve G. Jones are earning so much money.

What is if I can give you a two hour life changing session as life coach and therapist for free?

As a life coach I will find your blockages and as therapist for bio energetic and EFT I can fast remove your blockages and traumas that hinders you to live the life that you want. In addition I can give your life a great focus through hypnosis that is 100 times stronger then through affirmations.

Neverless I need  your total commitment in this 2 hour session so that we can find your blockages and remove them. Understand please it is not for everybody, because mostly of the people don’t want to change their life and so are not willful to surrender to their blockages, traumas in order that we can remove them. This means it will be painful. Another option is to remove the blockages, traumas with hypnosis and that needs at least 3 weeks; you hear every night when you sleep in a specific for you recorded hypnosis mp3…

Is it okay that I  tell something from me, how I have changed my life from depressed to be happy and wealthy?

When I was a student…

On a beautiful Sunday, I went to the emergency doctor to receive  my daily injection of Reparil, where a very young, overtired doctor assisted me. While he was attempting to open the ampoule – it broke which made me highly nervous. He opened two new ampoules and had to mix the contents of the two together. His hands were shaking so much that he spilled one-third of the
solution from one ampoule onto the floor. I became scared as I knew that if the injection was wrong; my life could be at risk. Nevertheless, he managed to fill
the syringe, and as he attempted to inject my vein, he missed. I was very angry and protested against his treatment, when suddenly, he quickly injected the solution into my vein, and I lost consciousness. I could see my life passing by in colorful slides, and I was viewing my body from the perspective of a fly on the ceiling. I was clinically dead.

I remembered my  life up to that point. I had lived a life full of sorrow; I was abused by my family almost every day, they would use any opportunity to beat me, even when I was innocent. I developed a stutter due to having no confidence whatsoever. Therefore, I went to a low-grade school and struggled to learn any languages, even German which is my natural tongue. On top of that, I would get beaten by older and stronger children in the neighborhood on my way to school, simply because my family were atheists.

At the age of  sixteen, I’d apprenticed as a telecommunications installer and worked hard for twelve hours a day. I struggled with my master because he was unjust, and I couldn’t continue without protesting like crazy. Also, I was scared to approach girls. My parents always complained about me, and would continuously call me ‘stupid’ and ‘lazy’.

I started with  positive thinking, autogenic training, and self-conditioning of my mind. The side effect was epilepsy. I complained all the time and was on the edge of suicide nearly every day. Nevertheless, from a young age, I always had one goal – To become an engineer. I went to school again, but failed the first examination and had to take an additional oral examination in four subjects. I finally passed as a D student which allowed me to study at university.

When the doctors revived me, I realized that I was getting no  happiness from the way I was living, and knew I had to change it….

I went on to finish my studies as an A student  in Dusseldorf, and with the support of the government, I did my advanced studies in Bremen, far away from my parents. Still, I was very unhappy and desired to change my life, so I started to study in addition to engineering, psychology. After some time, I started going to self-experience groups. Unfortunately, these groups were not much help, so I tried body-and-feelings-oriented therapy, combined with meditation.

Within two and half years of  starting the body-and-feelings-oriented therapy, I was able to escape my sorrow and become healthy. To further add to that, I had an awakening, or received the Kundalini effect, and as an atheist I had contact with God.

I am very grateful how I have changed total  my Life, from very ill, broken, depressed, to a happy, healthy, spiritual, wealthy person…. through the help of my therapists, coaches and gurus…. And I had sacrificed all of my money that I had, to fulfill my dreams… Even I didn’t had the money, somehow the money was coming to me…

Are you ready to  change your life?

Can we make up an  appointment for the free life changing session?

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