How to overcome our worldly desires?

Worldly happiness is only a relief of pain and tension. Watch a happy baby, and see how it is, – just so, without any condition… And that we have lost. The society wants us to work hard and to be unhappy, unsatisfied and fearful, – to take our money for surrogates and protection. A lazy, brave and happy person is independent of the Society, and that the society doesn’t want.

Why we want wealth and money?
You can’t buy happiness. If we look for wealth, money we should look also why we want that. Most of the cases, we need a surrogate compensation for our frustration, anger for the dislike jobs, for the bad people around us, … Or we don’t love us. How would it be if we do what we love then we don’t need these surrogates?

Why are we not thankful for everything that we have already? Through gratefulness we become happy.

Why do we look for might, power, position to get the world under our control instead of ourselves?

Bible: Don’t be a slave of the world, get your desires under your control. The master is more enslaved than the slave.

Why we want that beautiful girl or awesome person or to have sex with that person?
Nobody can make us happy, fulfilled, and full of love!

Nature wants children and this drive is rooted so deep in our animal mind that we can’t get rid of it… Nature makes us addicted to our lust to create children and so it creates these dreams of this awesome, handsome, wealthy or mighty soul-mate.
Regardless how attractive the other person is; the reality is that we idealize that person and project something that we want to have for ourselves…

Why do we demand prestige, recognition, praise, respect, and love?
Love yourself and then you don’t need the praise or love of others. If you are independent and love yourself, the world will give you the praise even without demanding.

Why we take drugs or overeat?
Addiction is always a sign that we have suppressed negative emotions, traumas inside of us. With the help of the drugs, we keep suppressing our feelings and traumas. Face them!!! Then you don’t need drugs anymore.

For all of our worldly desires helps a spiritual practice to become inside happy and fulfilled. The spiritual path is created as a remedy for worldly desires. Still, it can’t take away all of our wishes. We should live also our worldly life, and live the desires that are necessary to become a fully developed human being.

We should challenge us to become a better person.

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