So we always expect the best

Still, we can have many subconscious desires that want us not to win.

If we suppress our negative feelings, these negative feelings will come back and sabotage us. Through treatment such as EFT, we can quickly eliminate these negative feelings and desires.

What we see outside is already inside of us. The hindrances and obstacles on our path to success and goals are a manifestation of our blockages and obstructions inside of ourselves.

If we get rid of our contrary believes and desires:

We can get what we expect.

So we always expect the best.

It has been proven in over two thousand survives in several US studies that our successes depend on our expectations. (All examples from Brian Tracy, The Psychology of Achievement.)

In one example, only fourteen percent of all students from one school in the US had good grades. The school joined in an experiment to improve school grades.

All the students’ name tags of one year were collected in a large pot, and all the teachers’ name tags went into another pot. Classes and teachers were put together by drawing lots. The director of the school told some teachers that they were the best teachers and would teach the best students. The school director instructed the teachers not to tell anyone that they were the best students and also not to mention they were the best teachers.

After one year, around eighty percent of the pupils of this class had good grades. Only fourteen percent of the students from the other classes had good grades. If we expect the best for us and other then the result will be much better than without expecting. And it is crucial for every teacher to expect the best for his students. Alone, this expectation for the best outcome will make everything better.

In another example, an insurance company moved into an eighty-story high-rise building in Manhattan. For eight months, the insurance salespeople tried unsuccessfully to sell life insurance policies in this high-rise building. One day, a manager met the head of the insurance company in the elevator and said to him, ‘Funny, I wanted to take out a life insurance today, and here I meet you in the elevator.’ The head of the insurance company replied, ‘Please have a little patience.

‘A few of my people will come to you tomorrow; I don’t know yet who and when.’ The insurance manager went back to his office and told his employees that there was a manager in the building who wanted to buy an insurance policy over a million dollars. He didn’t tell them who it was. His twenty representatives went all throughout the building. Every insurance rep had signed at least one contract for a life insurance policy.

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