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When the solution becomes the problem.

My video: When the solution becomes the problem

This means the previous solution must not be the right solution now.

There was a test where a person should find out, which pairs of numbers should match together, for instance 13 and 87, or 45 and 89… Over hours the person had been questioned with different number pairs, and got direct the answer (matched or not matched) if he was right or wrong.

Nobody could find out the system, still the people who had voted right to 75% or more could not be convinced that their system was wrong….
And so we are…
When we have found out the solution for a problem then our mind will stick to this solution and can’t adapt to new solutions, like the animals…. Even the solution is wrong.

Our mind is not working correct…. How many times our mind has changed our past memories in order to get a certain outcome? Our mind is rather more the best liar, still we belief in our mind!!! Because our mind is manipulated from our feelings and subconscious.

If this is so, then we can understand that the older generation (mainly our parents) can’t understand us, because they think that their life is perfect, that they have found the right solution also for our life…

I am coming from the generation Baby Boomer who were growing up after World War II. My parents were growing up in a total different situation like me … and thought they had the right to determine my life….
How could be their life solutions the right solution for today?

A similar situation we find today in Asia were the kids want their freedom, want free sex, … and still the parents are setting their kids under pressure to live their life.

What I could understand that my parents never had been happy, always arguing, always unhappy with us,….
How can they determine my life? I want to live a religious, happy life with love and free sex. I don’t want to live a life what is focused on money and success without love and happiness.

It was a nightmare all this fighting, and my solution was simple to leave or Jesus said: Let the dead buried the dead and come.

Everybody has to learn through experience and only then he gets the full understanding. Never less the world is changing and so the solution must also change… . Still in the Chaos there is also an order. This means many principles will never change… for instance the laws of gravity, polarity, attraction…. Or honesty and love will always be the best.

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