The BIGGEST Reasons 80% Of Relationships FAIL…

What is a thriving relationship and what can go wrong?
How to fix that?

The 3 causes for failure of relationships.

1. Indifference/ Contempt
2. Neglect
3. Violence

1. When you feel your partner is not caring anymore for you or you don’t care for them… The reasons are:
Losing interest,
less important,
don’t matter,
and you are nothing for them.
We feel we want to be important, matter…
And then we feel disconnected.

2. Neglect
The people take care more for their car/profession/business/family than for their partner, – after their dating and being together.

3. Violence
Most people talk nicer to everybody else than their partner.
Because they have to be nice and friendly to other people to get the things that they want… In reality, they are not nice at all!
Because you are a part of their family, you do have to take their unfriendly or impolite, or rude behavior.

There are only 2 relationships that we experience,
with our parents and with our spouse…

All these relationship behaviors we learn as kids…

When the Childhood was difficult, unlovely, rude, violent, doesn’t matter, contempt…
Guess what happens when you are together with your spouse.
Even we care very much for our spouse, we attract the behavior of our childhood from our parents.
The apple is not dropping far from the tree…
We reflect the behavior of our parents.

My experiences are, that when the parent had been lovely to their kids, the kids will be lovely to their spouses.

Even though I have done so much therapy, in the end, I failed on these 3 topics.
My solution is simple if the relationship is not working out, just quit. Do therapy and look at what traumas are connected to the relationship.
Heal your traumas.
And it worked great for me, instead, to hang on to a relationship that is not worth being in.

Today sexuality is important for boths and for the relationship…
So that sex becomes, pleasure, fun and playful for both.
After some time, it gets bored and then…

How can we sustain sexuality in a relationship, so that we desire sex with our partner?

Women get bored with Monogamy much sooner than men, that is a fact!!!
The sexual desire to sleep with her spouse is plunging down and for males, it rather goes down slowly.
So, when the romance ends in the relationship, the women get turned down. Because romance and seduction are for women the most important reasons to have sex!

Women want stability and security in their relationships.
Women want for their sexuality, playfulness, romance seduction, excitements…
And that is contradicting.

We have two states: what turns me on and what turns me off…

If the woman has turned off, sex is no option.
Women need confidence, thriving fun, to do things that set themselves on fire, -to have sex. If this is not happening, she is turned off.

At the beginning of the relationship, her darling was turning her on…
Later he can’t do so, she has to do it by herself.

When women are turned off, through circumstances, frustration, or depression, then they are not open to sex…

Women can turn on by themselves, through dancing, hiking in the nature, music, friends, family… Then these women are open for sex.

This means, that being ready for sex has less to do with sex, but with self-esteem and confidence.

Most women over 40 years old are depressed and so sex in the marriage is not possible.

If you have to take care of your partner, then this will turn down the sexual desire of a woman.

A woman needs to be playful, alive, and engaged to be sexy…
This means she is not in the mood to be a good, responsible, serious, moral citizen… because this turns down her sexual desire…

When the women come home, was engaged emotionally with her friends, and colleagues…. Then she is tired to have sex with her partner…
Be there, when she is emotionally turned on in the middle of the day…

Committed sex is that she is ready in the morning, that she is important and matters to you… So that you are spending an hour, don’t do anything else than to be intimate with your partner… And then sex can happen without pressure.

Be creative, be curious and look how your partner responds, don’t be boring, try out something new, look what you can improve…

Small things matter, say thank you, please…

And the reality is that Facebook matters more to your partner than you…
80% of the women are doing Facebook just before and just afterward or when they have sex!

You have to take that risk – and spend that time only to be intimate.
Otherwise, sex is dead in your long-term relationship.

The divorcing rate is today 50% after one year and 65% after 2 years…

My Video: The BIGGEST Reasons 80% Of Relationships FAIL.
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