Rudi Zimmerer

The Hunzas are the longest-living people.

The Hunzas live up to 120 years and have no cancer at all.

There was not one case of cancer in their history!

The Hunzas are completely healthy, vital, and disease-free.

The Hunzas are living in Pakistan, border India on a high altitude, isolated, in the Himalayas….

The Hunzas are eating mainly raw food and mostly plants.
They are vegetarian.
The food consists mainly of fruits and vegetables, as well as cereals and they consume also cheese.

During the summer they eat raw fruits and vegetables.

During the wintertime, they eat dried apricots, sheep cheese and sprouted cereals.

For 3 months in the spring, they don’t eat anything but drink apricot juice from dried apricots…

With such long fasting, cancer has no chances!

Even so, they are happy people, they are in a good mood and relieved.

They bathe in ice water… That is best for our immunity.

Even at the age of 65 years old, they give birth to children.

Genes, clean environment contributes to making these people look younger.

They live and work in pure nature.

The Hunzas are very active and go many steps a day.

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