Think about stress as your friend.

The problem is if we believe that stress can harm us and can kill us it will do so.

And if we believe stress will not harm us and will not kill us, stress will not be so dangerous and harmful, just a little bit.

The anxiety that stress is harmful is the worst!

This is proved in a study of 30000 people…
Those who believed that stress will kill them were 43% correct!

And people who didn’t believe on the harmfulness of stress, even when living a very stressful life survived!

Stress is not always our enemy or a risk factor for all kinds of diseases.

What doesn’t kill us makes us hard!

Stress is a paradox, is not what we choose…

How can we change our mind to deal better with stress?
Instead to have fear of stress? –
That is a negative, unproductive mindset.

Stress makes you braver, and more resilient, …

The concept of good and bad stress doesn’t work.
Because we can’t choose our stress or how stressful our life, the world, our kid is…

If we label our stress to be negative and so will be our outcome!

Think over, what is positive about stress?

It is exciting because we don’t know the outcome.
We feel more vivid and alive.
We should learn new stress responses that fit us better than our previous stress responses.

We think, life can be difficult and that is OK.

We watch our stress response and we look:

How can we improve to act, feel, and think better when we are in a stressful situation?

If we are in a stressful moment, we can introduce new ways like:

Can we slow down?

Can we do our workout?
Or endurance training.
Or interval training.
Or Weight lifting.
Or Dancing.
Or Boxing.

1. Can we do that 4 minutes method to reset stress from W. Hof?
Read my previous blog: How to reset stress in 4 minutes?
With the Wim Hof method.

2. Breath deep in and out slowly and focus on your navel chakra.

3. To bring our hands in the prayer position. Both hand palms should have full contact with every part of the opposite hand and keep that position for at least 10 minutes.
Read my blog: How to dissolve anxiety with Yoga?

4. Deborah Patel, a former Broadway star, today speaker coach, taught us this technique to calm down before going on the stage, and we can even do this exercise on a toilet.
Simply imagine that you are freaking out and then jump/step on the ground like crazy with your feet, box/ beat with your fist in all directions, and make animal sounds with your mouth, let your tongue hang out, and make it as mad as possible. If you can’t express your voice, remain mute and still express your feelings…

Ignoring everything else and just focusing and acting only on the solution for the stressful situation would be the best.

So the more we focus on a negative outcome of that situation, for instance, I am overwhelmed, stressed out… so worse the situation is going.

If we are afraid of losing…
We do make a list of what we can lose,
what is our worst outcome,
and then we prioritize the worst-case scenario… then the Anxiety is done.

Can we ask for help?

If we feel lonely or depressed as we fight against our friends, colleagues…
Then just connect with them with things that we have in common with them. Reach out to your enemies, and friends and speak about your problems. …

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