We are responsible for our whole life…

You get what you deserve (Tantra wisdom).
We attract what is inside of ourselves and not what we want!!!
Is B. S. inside, yes we get that…

If we make the wrong decisions or.
If we trust the wrong people or.
If we get cheated or.
If we get punished.

Then we are 100% responsible for that…!

Because we have attracted and chosen these situations…

We don’t need to forgive other people because we are responsible for every situation in our life!

Instead, we choose to forgive ourselves and let go of our anger, hate on other people that we falsely blemish for our failures or our pain,…

How is that?

We get the experience to learn something for free, even we call it pain, failure, cheating…
Otherwise for what is life good?

Forgiveness is not a business, but to let go from our pain, losses, hate, anger, sadness Otherwise, we harm ourselves…

If we grudge over the past, we destroy our joy, love, and future! Then we live in jail out of negative emotions.

To free us from our emotions is a must for EVERYBODY without any exception!

Simply let it go or call it forgive… it is the same…

My Video: We are responsible for our whole life… https://youtu.be/dspAGJ-4X8A
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