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When you need motivation for your dearest goal…

Then You are probably wrong. Quote, Elon Musk

I could never understand as a child that people didn’t know what to do to earn money…

We need a compelling goal for that we fight like crazy..

Similarly, you can watch everywhere how strenuous a good mother works to grow up her child…
A sacrifice for her child is just meaningless for a good mother, she even doesn’t think at all as a sacrifice…
A good mother must be alert for her baby 24 hours, 7 days a week…

Does a good mother:

Needs a motivation to serve her child well?
Has a goal or is doing goal setting for raising up her child?
Needs a vision board or motivation cards?
Visualize to grow up her child?
Has the love to endure everything for her child?
Idealize her baby?
Don’t care for sacrifice?

How would it be if you would apply that for your goal setting?

How would it be that you do what you are passionate about?

And that I have done my entire life!

The people thought that I am mad, for what I do that, it is fiction, non-real …

Who got more criticized than me?

If you have a real goal, then that will drive you.

Nobody can stop a good mother to care for her baby.

Get a baby and call this your goal!
Or get a goal and call this your baby!


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