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Why communicating women different than man?

Why communicating women different than man?

Ninety percent of all women have their feelings and thoughts within a circle with one center. Ninety percent of all men have their feelings and thoughts within an ellipse with two centers—one center is for the feelings, and one center is for the thoughts. The men discriminate very much between feelings and thoughts. Women have connected many words with strong feelings and men do not know this. If the man is speaking, it often hurts the feelings of his partner. For the men, this had been just some meaningless words. Such communications end love relationships with a dispute or can even break the relationship. In addition, when we are in a love relationship we have tomatoes in front of our eyes and misinterpret what our partner is saying.

An example: A husband read the news about Thailand with a violent demonstration and some death toll. His comment: ‘These idiots… first they smile and then they are beating each other to death.’ His wife thinks, How rude my husband is. He loves that these peaceful, kindly, and smiling people died.

Now we understand how difficult it is to speak if we are in a new relationship. The best communication rule is to be in body contact with each other (for instance, holding the hands) and always looking in the eyes if we are talking. We only say the essential, so there’s a smaller risk for wrong misinterpretation. We can be together and enjoy each other in silence. And please avoid speaking in the car when your spouse is driving, because you can’t see your partner in your eyes and you don’t have body contact with your partner.

And here a quote from: Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus.

A man should tell a woman:
 Tell me more…
 Yes, it is so hard (compassion).
 I will go with you together through it. (Women need a partner)

A woman should tell a man:
 Can you help me? (Men want to be the problem solver)
 Yes, you are so smart. (Men want to be smart)
 Let’s get naked…

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